Management of European Structural Funds

European funds closer to you

In the area of management of European structural funds, the Intermunicipal Community of Tâmega e Sousa is responsible for:

  • Managing, evaluating and checking applications under the delegation of powers agreements between the CIM Tâmega e Sousa and the managing authorities of the National Operational Programmes.
  • Managing and evaluating applications under the contractualisation of the incentive and support system for entrepreneurship and employment.
  • Assisting the managing authority in carrying out its duties as intermediate body, in accordance with the Delegation of Powers Agreements.
  • Ensuring the organisation of the application processes for the delegated competences.
  • Applying the selection criteria approved by the Operational Programme's respective monitoring committee.
  • Ensuring the study, planning and technical management of community programmes and projects with a level of intermunicipal integration.
  • Managing programmes integrated into sub-regional development strategies.
  • Ensuring the efficient management of national and European Union funds within the scope of agreements and ensuring compliance with delegation of powers agreements.
  • Evaluating the acceptability and merit of project applications, verifying their overall alignment.
  • Formulating technical opinions on the feasibility of projects.
  • Monitoring the physical progress and financial management of applications.
  • Collecting and processing information on physical and financial monitoring indicators for operations.
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Verifying the eligibility of expenses outlined in the applications.
  • Ensuring the collection and processing of physical, financial and statistical data on the implementation of applications.
  • Preparing applications for payment of the community contribution, with a view to their approval.
  • Providing support to the various programmes in the preparation of implementation reports.
  • Drawing up proposals that are compatible with the principles of strategic planning in force.




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